Why G.D.P.S.S.S

A curriculum that is well strructured and is continuously evolving to give you to cutting edge in the present competitive world.
A school that gives you personalized care and looks after your ward as a human being rather than just a human doing.
A highly modern and professionally run institute that value and nurtures traditions and values which in turn will hellp create future professionals with a telling difference in quality and effciency.
Faculty that is committed enviable, faculty that can take the position f a true mentor and a role model, faculty that doesn’t just deliver only lectures but is always ready by students side to help accept challenges and surmount limits.
An environment that imparts knowledge of the latest techniques of learing and skill building to operate in a globally competirive work atmosphere.
An institute that provieds afriendly and a homely atmosphere for one and all, where students don’t feel threatened or alienated because of attitudes or socio-economic differences.

G.D.P.S. believes that parents are an integral part of the community. G.D.P.S. parent relations programme supports positive interaction between school and home, encouraging parents to participates in the education process.

G.D.P.S. school are committed to the communities they serve through the long term provision of high quality education, continued enhancement of facilities, infrastructure and advancement of teaching methodology. Students in G.D.P.S. schools are also taught the values and responsibilities needed to become active menbers of the local and global community.

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