Chairman's Message

Dear Parents / Guardians

G.D.Public Senior Secondary School, was established in1998 at khair road, Aligarh, in the memory of my father. It started as a tiny sapling with promise and potential of blossoming into a plant and them into a mighty tree that would provide the shade of a global, progressive and based educational environment for a long time to come.

I am deeply indebted to all the prents and guardians who reposed faith in us due to which we could start the first academic session with close to 300 students in our fold. At G.D.P.S., Aligarh, education is not confined to books or to the classroom. It encompasses acqulring information, knowledge, language, numerical skills, life skills for the intrepersonal & societal interaction and communicative competence.

Now by the grace of Almighty we feel pride to start our new school which we have excluysively set-up for khair dwellers. this unique school provision will reduse the financial & physical exertion and street faced by the khair students and their parents. Since very starting of the school it is our motto to educates the underprivileged and riral children. We desire to establish such unique schoola in diffrence towns to educate the undreprivileged and rural children.

Yours sincerely,

Dr.Mukul Varshney


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