About Us

G.D.Public Senior Secondary School bear the school motto. “To greater height”, which inspires the student to go higher with patience, dignity and integrity in the face of all adversities. The gold / yellow out lines of the shield denote the best and highest form of purity. The blue color enforces deep love, care and comfort. The green colour is the symbol of hope, eternity and prosperity.
The inside picture symbolizers thechild’s quest for constant learing in this vast mysterious world. The school welcomes all without any barriers.

At A Glance

• Englist Medium school
• Green & Vast Campus
• Ideal Teacher Student Ratio
• Planned Play School For Kids
• Planned C. B. S. E. Curriculum up to +2 level

Our Motto

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. Acommitment to the excellence enables us to attain success we seek. Perform every act in an excellent manner & still try for its continual improvement. We take pride in Excellence.

Our Vission

Our philosophy values the uniqueness of every child and accordingly our objective is to help eachone of themharness his / her true potential.We promote integrative growth in all areas intellectual, moral or social.

G.D.Public Senior Secondary School, Aligarh in a co-educational school housed in a modern, spacious and attractive buliding. It is speard over a purpose built 3 acre campus with a variety of premium facilities and resources and a fun-filled and comfortable environment to help develop the cognitive and motor skils of children through meaningful, purposeful and enjoyable academic and co-curricular activities.

Fineness for and sensitivity to details are synonymous with the design of infrastructural faciliy for science, sports, art and craft, language development, music, dance & information and communication technologies at G.D.P.S. Aligarh. We strive for excellence in its subtlest forms, inthe choice of appropriate fabric that “breathes” for the school uniform to that in suitable furniture that promotes correct posture. At G.D.P.S. Aligarh, we care.

Our Mission

It is true that education is the birth right of every child but we believe that it is the ‘Quality Education’ that matters. In ambiance to our motto “Pride in Excellence”, We at G.D.I.S. are committed to provide amenities and facilities adapted to the needs and expectations of each student. The input rich communicational environment and state of art facilities at G.D.P.S. nurture the creativity and critical thinking in each child.

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